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Volunteer Your Skills With The Friends Of Old St. Thomas

The Friends of Old Saint Thomas is a parish ministry that is entirely volunteer.  Some of its tasks require little or no experience or training; others are more specialized and need experienced hands.  Although much of the work must be done on site, some can be done at home.  Some of these tasks are individual; some are group activities. Your help would be much appreciated.  All work is under the umbrella of the FOST Core Committee, which also needs more participants.  In all cases, additional dependable persons are needed to insure the future of FOST and its mission.  FOST hosts an annual Appreciation Breakfast for volunteers in the Fall.

FOST Volunteer Opportunities

1. Listing of FOST Volunteer Needs (link)

2. Contact FOST online to become a volunteer (link)

3. Volunteer for FOST via U.S. Mail (link)


Friends of Old St. Thomas Volunteering Activities
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